Throughout our history, the apostolate of the Servants of Jesus was focused on working among girls and women, children and families.

The prototypal group where God sent us through our Founder were female servants - the lowest and most powerless social group. It included girls who migrated from villages to cities in search of work, exposed to humiliation and often abused by their employers. The sisters offered them spiritual and material care. They ran schools and continuous education courses, organized vocational training for girls, and helped them find a job.

Currently, after many socio-political and economic changes, we still want to bring God and His love to the most needy and neglected in various ways - with particular sensitivity to the plight of women and children.

In accordance with our mission, we run:

School Dormitory for Girls in Tarnów


School Dormitory For Young Women in Przemyśl

Care and Educational Institution for Girls in Krakow

Social Assistance Home in Kiełczewice Mariowskie

Care and Treatment Center for Chronic Patients in Kielce

St. Francis Elementary School in Warsaw

Kindergarten No. 210 in Warsaw

The "Promyk" (“Little Ray”) Cultural Center in Ciechocinek

We also join work related to education and catechesis in other schools and kindergartens.

As Servants of Jesus, we want to be where God calls us, which is why we also have missions in Ukraine: in Żytomierz, Winnica and Dołbysz Ukraine

Bolivia's missions: in Bulo Bulo, Cochabamba, Guabira and Montero

We work among Poles in Italy: in Parma

in the USA, in Stirling

1026 Long Hill Road
Stirling, N.J. 07980


To expand our mission, we work with Stowarzyszeniem Pomocy Dziewczętom (Help the Girls Association), which carries out the mission identical to the mission of the Congregation by supporting girls and young women in running their own family and employment future. The extension of our mission is also Apostolic Union of Daughters of Mary, whose members carry out the mission of the Servants of Jesus but remain immersed in the world, in their own families and work. According to the charism, the apostolic mission of the Congregation has the hallmarks of serving in hiding - wherever we follow the voice of the Church and our superiors.