Apostolic Union
of Daughters of Mary

Apostolic Union of Daughters of Mary arose from the spiritual plan of Blessed Honorat as an extension of the Servants of Jesus’ apostolic mission. It is a community that brings together women who want to devote their lives to Jesus in a spirit of service and hiding in the world.

Daughters of Mary form a spiritual community with the Congregation of the Servants of Jesus. Being devoted to God, they live by the guidance of Gospel, yet they live and work in their communities. According to the charism - following the example of Saint Families of Nazareth - they live in a spirituality of hidden life and give testimony with Franciscan zeal in their families and at work.

Daughters of Mary

  • They live in the world ... But they are not of the world ...
  • They are to remain with God ...
  • They are called by God to serve Christ and the Church under the protection of Mary and imitating Her
  • They form one spiritual family with the Congregation of the Servants of Jesus, with whom they work closely
  • They live by the guidance of Gospel
  • They take the vow of chastity and pledges of poverty and obedience
  • They try to act as a leaven of Gospel in the world
  • They have a special vocation to the individual apostolate
  • They don't reveal their vocation

Maybe you too are called to give yourself exclusively to God, beloved above all, while hidden from the world?

If you want to receive information about the history, spirituality and current activity of the Apostolic Daughters of Mary,for yourself or for others, write or call:

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