Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be to me according to your word
(Lk 1:38)

of the Servants of Jesus

We are a female congregation of hidden religious life founded by Blessed Father Honorat Koźmiński (1829-1916) and by Eleonora Motylowska (1856-1932). The Congregation was established on December 8, 1884 in Warsaw. In 1908, it obtained an approval decree from the Holy See.

We live in the Franciscan spirituality. Our charism is to imitate Christ who served people and lived a hidden life in Nazareth.

We serve Jesus in two ways: directly, by living according to three vows: chastity, poverty and obedience, as well as by prayer, penance, sacrifice and creation of community, and indirectly, by serving our neighbors, especially girls.

May Jesus' servant love this kind of life above all others as it draws her close to her Lord and may she be affected by the spirit of humility, silence and hiding that He requires.

Blessed Father Honorat Koźmiński


    Love for love, life for life, I entrust myself to You, Lord, completely, without any reservation, with total submission to Your Most Holy Will.

    Eleonora Motylowska (NR, p. 79)



    We are Franciscans and we try to live in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi. His spirituality is for us the source of our basic values. These are:

    The experience of Jesus Christ

    Francis clung to Jesus. First, he recognized that Jesus was a God-Man and that as a man, He suffered, was poor, was a servant, and sought sinners. Spirituality of St. Francis is thoroughly Christocentric.

    Holy zeal

    Father Honorat wrote that the Franciscan spirit is a spirit of zeal that encourages us to undertake great things for God. He believed that for a person animated with such a spirit, every task is worth undertaking and completing.

    Renunciation, penance, poverty

    Our Blessed Founder, following the teaching of St. Francis, combined penance with humility. Both result from knowing the truth about oneself and evaluating oneself in the Divine Light. Humility leads to simplicity. We call these qualities using the Franciscan term minoritas.

    Imitating Jesus Christ

    Francis wanted to imitate Christ. This imitation grew out of love and led to love. Our Founder, Blessed Father Honorat, wrote that Franciscan spirit "is a seraphic spirit, derived directly from the Gospel."

    Mutual love

    St. Francis referred to the teaching of Jesus Christ, who called love of neighbor the first and greatest commandment (cf. Mt 22:37-40), and the example of the first Christians who were recognized through the way they loved each other (cf. Acts 4:32).

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