On February 18, 2006, the Congregation celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of its Foundress Mother Eleonora Motylowska. While preparing the ceremony, the then-Superior General Dr. Anna Jakubczyk suggested creating a "Hall of Remembrance" dedicated to the Foundress. The work undertaken in that regard quickly shifted toward establishment of the Mother Eleonora Motylowska.

Collected memorabilia - only original items - are presented in two rooms. The first contains items used by Mother Motylowska. These are: a final vowes ring, prayer books, religious items, souvenirs, clothes and everyday items, as well as beautiful rugs embroidered by Mother Eleonora. They are accompanied by furniture from the era / some of which were used by the Foundress: desk, armchair, seals, writing implements, typewriter / as well as objects and souvenirs of her closest associates, banners from schools run by the Congregation and souvenirs related to work among servant girls.

Historical souvenirs were placed in a separate showcase: crosses, medals, decorations, occasional badges, plaques donated by the sisters and their families. The exhibition in this room is enriched by items donated by high-born clergyand laity donors who were associated with the Congregation at the beginning of its existence.

In the second room, there are memorabilia from the first houses of the Congregation and the tasks undertaken by the first sisters. These are appliances and utensils from a kitchen, laundry room, canteen and tailor's shop.

Next showcases display various tools, templates, samples and patterns for embroidery, cutting and sewing. Various types of pieces are testimony to work in vocational schools run by the Congregations. The achievements of the sisters of that era are confirmed by awards, diplomas, church and state medals presented in the museum. The room also shows several original photographs - a tableau documenting the activities of various houses at the beginning of the Congregation's existence.

The Mother Eleonora Motylowska Museum was inaugurated at the end of the scientific congress devoted to the life and deeds of the Foundress, which took place at the St. Francis Primary School at Teresińska St.

Museum gallery