As spiritual daughters of Blessed Honorat, we live in Franciscan spirituality. Burning hot - like St. Francis - with the desire for God and His glory, we learn from Him to live a poor and simple life, so the only treasure of our heart would be God Himself.

Like the Pauper of Assisi, we want to experience the enormity of God's love, and with this experience, to reach out to all people who need this love.

We are in love with God - humbled by the Cross and exalted in the glory of the Resurrection - we testify with our life to His incomprehensible charity.

Like St. Francis, we appreciate the value of the priesthood of service and we respect the priests anointed by God for the sacramental ministry, and we obey the Pope and his teachings and in him, we see Peter our our times.

The special figure of forming our spirituality is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her words from the Annunciation: “This is I, the Handmaid of the Lord” became the motto and the compass for our life, which is open to God's redemptive promises. Like Mary, we listen intently to God's inspirations in everyday life. Like her, through the power of God's Word, we transform our minds and hearts to humbly open ourselves to God's plans.

Fascinated by the figure of our co-founders Eleonora Motylowska, we try to listen to God in everything, and that is why we uniquely value submission and obedience to superiors. Our whole spiritual life is permeated by the charism of hidden service, which our Founders bestowed upon our Congregation.

O Lord, make us into an instrument of Your peace; that we may sow love
wherever hatred reigns;
where there is doubt;
where despair reigns;
where it's dark;
joy where there is sadness.
Let us be able
not to seek solace
but give consolation;
not so much to seek understanding
as to understand;
not so much to seek love
as to love;
because when giving - we receive;
forgiving - we gain forgiveness;
and by dying, we are born to eternal life.

Through Jesus Christ. Our Lord.